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For those of you living in Western Washington, you should be happy to know that Community Supported Agriculture in Seattle and beyond is thriving.  New farms with new bright new ideas are poping up all over, and well estabilished CSA's have been in the area for years.  This means that no matter what you are looking for in Community Supported Agriculture, Seattle has what you need!

Take a look at City Grown Seattle, a great new project which uses back yards donated by Seattle area residents as farming plots.  It's called Urban Farming, and it's a unique process which allows even densely populated areas to benifit from having a local CSA.  They offer the full range of produce that a full size farm offers, their farmland is simply spread over multiple plots, offering an exeptionally green choice for your produce needs.

Progress has been made to the traditional Community Supported Agriculture model as well.  While many CSA's tend to stick with the traditional method of selling subscriptions to a box of produce, some larger farms such as Klesick Family Farm have evolved from this traditional method to a more flexible one.  Klesick offers the freedom of choice, allowing you to pick which veggies you want, and how often.  While Klesick doesn't consider themselves a CSA proper, they align themselves with many of the same values, include a "local first" attitude.  They simply offer more varierty and more choice than a traditional CSA.

However, if sticking to the trational Community Supported Agricultural model is important to you, there are many quality farms in the Seattle area which will meet your needs.  One such farm is Helsing Junction Farm which offers traditional boxes and a wide range of pick up locations for you to choose from.

Whatever your needs, there is a large selection of CSAs in Seattle that will likely have whatever it is you are looking for, so head to our Seattle CSAs page now to find one that fits your needs.

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