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Located in the heart of beautiful Seattle, WA, CSAFarms.com is a small website with a big goal: bringing you and your food closer together.  Take a moment to browse our comprehensive database of CSA farms.  Once you find a farm you love, you will have the opportunity to share in the harvest, meaning you will be on the road to healthy local eating while being the part of something even greater!  You will be part of a growing community of people who care where their food comes from, what's in it, who is profiting from it, and what they are doing with the profits.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  A CSA is a farm you can subscribe to, and instantly you begin to receive a share of the crops harvested every week for the length of a season.  When you buy into a CSA, you are becoming an integral part of a beautiful cycle, sharing in the wealth of the farm while the farm gives back to the local community.

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Washington Young Farmers Coalition

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Washington Young Farmers Coalition is a grassroots organization getting young farmers in Washington state together to learn about, work, and ultimately live the farming life.  They support budding young farmers by offering educational events, creating social opportunities to learn about farming from other farmers, and connect new farmers with resources important for getting their feet under them (and in the mud).  WYFC cares about policy change that supports and encourages local farming and so does CSAFarms.com.  You can check the WYFC Calendar here and check their facebook page as well.  We like em and so should you!

American Farmland Trust

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American Farmland Trust is an organization dedicated to saving, better maintaining, and increasing the farm land in the United States.  We wholeheartedly embrace AMTs mission statement: "save farm and ranch land across America" because we believe in sustainable, environmentally conscious farms.  We believe in local food and so does the American Farmland Trust.Spend a minute to browse their website or check your AMT resources in your state.  For WA click here. "Saving the land that sustains us" -FarmLand.org

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